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Summer Program Information & FAQS


Limited to session dates and is included in program fees - enables non members particpation. Program members may enjoy guest dining at the club and transient dockage on request for $30 per day including electric.

River Rookies - Beginner sailors (8 - 16 years) with little or no previous experience
(8 day program)
program  details        program dates/fees

Note: Most sailors repeat this level before graduating to intermadiate, particularly younger sailors.

River Skippers - Intermediate sailors (8- 16 years) who have completed River Rookies or who have previous applicable basic training (8 day program)
program details         program dates/fees
Note: Multiple sessios recomended in order to progress.

River Captains - Advanced Level Sailors (9-16 years) graduates of the intermediate level who have attained a high level of competence (8 Day Program)
program details
        program Dates/fees

Travel Team Racers (9-18 years)

Advanced level sailors ready for competition The Bay Racer Team receive high level coaching and travel to regattas hosted by other clubs around the Bay throughout the summer.
4,6 or 8 week blocks
Training days - 9am to 4pm Mon – Thurs with supervised care 8:30am to 4:40 pm.
Regatta travel day hours will vary


Minimum attendance- Weeks 1 -4 week and 4 regattas

Sailor must be a NERYC club member (Junior or Family)
Sailor must receive coach recommendation and approval of Program Director
Sailor must be committed to attendance and participation
Sailors are expected to attend all weeks and regattas. Exceptional cases only, will be considered for permission to be excused.
Staff will provide coaching and on water support
Parents are responsible for their sailor’s transport to events, as well as accommodation, meals and supervision before and after events
Parent/guardian attendance at away events required

program details        program dates/fees

In session from 9 am till 4 pm daily. Staff are on duty 8:30 am till 4:30pm. Please arrive at 8:45am on your first Monday for check-in. Please arrive in time and ready to start promptly at 9am each day. All campers must be picked up by 4:30pm or incur a $15 per hour (or part thereof) late fee.

Bay Racers hours may vary in accordance with regatta travel and schedule.

Expect to attend every day of your session, rain or shine. We anticipate times of too much wind, too little wind, storms and our lesson plans will simply adjust to accommodate for additional classroom time and/or appropriate activities as necessary.

If you need assistance with before/aftercare, please discuss the available options with the Program Director.


Please be on time.. Our staff are on duty 8:30 am till 4:30pm. Campers not picked up by 4:30pm will incur a late fee of $20 per hour.


We are happy to try and facilitate car pooling arrangements by connecting families travelling from the same areas. Speak to the Program Director


If your child will miss a day, please call to advise


All campers must have pre-registered online. A confirmed registration request will hold the space for 7  days, thereafter the session will be filled on a first to pay basis. Payment in full is required to secure your registration. No child will be permitted to participate without full payment of all fees, or without having completed and submitted the required forms: code of conduct and health forms which are available online see Program Packet Forms

No refunds after May 15th. If circumstances create a situation beyond your control, provided we have openings, we will work with you to re-schedule your session within the season.


Fees are payable in advance of your session.
Fee Schedule


All students will be required to swim a distance of 50 yards and tread water for 2 minutes while wearing a USCG approved Type II PFD or life vest. Life vests are provided for use at camp; however, participants may also bring their own.


All campers must have sunscreen applied before they arrive in the morning and they
must bring sunscreen with them for re-application during the day.


Bathing suite, board shorts and t-shirt or rash guard type shirt (comfortable, cool clothing)


Participants are required to provide their own lunch in a mini cooler bag
A refillable environmentally friendly water bottle

A small tote/backpack that includes: a towel, a light sweat shirt, a change of clothes, a hat and SPF 30 + sunscreen.
Sunglasses are recommended
All personal property must be labeled with the child’s name


All campers must wear water shoes/sandals when out on the docks, beach and while sailing.

Camp t-shirts are included with your registration. Shirts are handed out at the end of each session together with instructor reviews, awards and completion certificate.


If it's raining, storming etc. Is there camp?

We do not cancel for inclement weather. Safety always comes first and our staff review forecasts routinely monitor radar for approaching storms. Except for lightening, thunderstorms, high wind conditions, and windless conditions of course, we will sail so come prepared. On these occasions, chalkboard sessions will be extended and other forms of supervised activity will take place depending on the time available. Please be assured that all our coaches and staff areprepared to supervise activities that are designed to maximize both educational as well as fun value during any ‘no sail’periods.

Are fees prorated or refunded if I cancel or miss part of a session?

Every year, we have to turn many sailors away and put others on waiting lists because we operate on a first come, firstserved basis, so we do not offer pro-rating and, unless you have a medical exemption authorized by a physician, we havea no refund policy after May 31st. We do understand that sometimes plans can change, however, so we are happy to work with you to re-schedule sessions, space permitting of course.

Do you have a carpool set up?

No, however, we will assist in connecting you with other participants who may be interested in carpooling. Sometimes members of our coaching staff will offer transport services for a fee. Any such arrangement is independent of the program. Please contact the Program Director for assistance.

What about supervision before and after camp?

Camp is in session from 9am to 4pm Mondays through Thursdays starting June 16 till August 14th. Supervised care is offered from 8:30am till 4:30pm each camp day. We do not offer any extended before and aftercare, but sometimes a special arrangement can be made, please contact the Program Director for assistance.

Can I stay and watch my child sail?

Our experience has shown that young sailors learn their best, progress faster and get the most benefit out of the program without the distraction of a parent. Our coaches also appreciate being able to focus on teaching without  distractions during the camp day. Parents are welcome to watch their kids sail from a distance. Please ask the Sail Camp Director if you have any questions.

Is there a lost and found bin?

We do have a lost and found bin and it fills up every week, so we encourage parents to please label everything and to check their children take all their belongings home each day. At the end of each summer season, all unclaimed items will be donated to Goodwill or discarded.

What do I bring?

Sailors need closed‐toe water shoes e.g. Keens, Crocs, neoprene booties or sailing boots. Flip flops are not acceptable for sailing. Everyday please pack a small gear bag with sunscreen, a water bottle, a towel, change of clothes including a light sweat shirt and lunch. There's a good chance that sailors will get wet every day. It is recommended sailors wear bathing suit, sailing or board shorts, rash guard or UV protective quick dry shirts, a hat and sunglasses.

Where do I get sailing gear?

Annapolis is full of sailing shops. Some offer discounts up to 15% if you mention you will be participating in the NERYC program. We recommend APS LTD, Mauri Pro Sailing, Sailing Pro Shop, Landfall Navigation, The Dinghy Shop, Gill NA, West Marine All have online stores and offer discounts for interscholastic sailors.

Must I buy a life jacket?

NERYC provides life jackets, but we encourage sailors to use their own USCG approved life jackets if they own one.

Do not Bring

We understand the requirement for cell phones, however sailors will be expected to keep them in their bags during classes and out on the water. We strongly discourage sailors from bringing tablets and video games. They will not have any opportunity to make use them outside of the lunch break and we would rather they enjoyed the benefits of social interaction during this time.
Do not bring plastic disposable water bottles

Is there a swim test?

Sailors will need to pass a short swim test on their first day. This is done in our protected basins while wearing a PFD and shoes. This is to ensure sailors are comfortable in the water. Capsize recovery will be learned and/or reviewed as early in each class as is practical.

What is Sail Camp Program Membership?

A temporary membership status granted to sailors registered in the summer program. It facilitates participation for non members, and gives sail camp families the opportunity to utilize the restaurant and request transient dockage for $25 per day plus $5 per day for power. It is included in camp fees and is in effect for the sessions attended.

How do I become a Family or Junior Member?

Information and applications are available at Family ($670p.a.) members or Junior Members ($200p.a.) enjoy discounted camp fees, access to equipment and many other benefits.

What does it take to participate in the Junior Racing program?

Sailors who are suitable proficient, and are interested in racing and travel to regattas, should discuss eligiblity to participate with Coach and Program Director. Race team parents are responsible for ll regatta entry fees and a per event activity fee in addition to session fees.

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