NERYC Kayak group meet on the Chesapeake Bay


A great way to get out for a little R & R and get close to nature. Join up with the group to explore the headwaters and many beautiful bays and inlets of the northern Chesapeake. Meets take place once or twice a month on Sunday mornings or Thursday nights during the summer. Excursions usually last around 3 hours. Bring your kayak, paddle and PFD, no prior experience required. 

Why kayak with us? 

Kayaking is sport that can be enjoyed by almost age on any budget. It provides the opportunity to be outdoors, on the water, and the chance to explore scenic locations on the Bay that can't be reached by a regular-sized boat, by car or on foot. It offers relaxation and serenity - no crowds, no traffic, no power boats, no jet skis, no noise and it is very social: meet people, make friends and hang out with really ‘cool’ folks. After the trips, paddlers get to enjoy post paddle grog and grub – yes there is always time set aside to share a meal and/or after-paddle libation.

For those interested in learning more about kayaking, paddling techniques and safety, the Club has connections with Eastern Mountain Sports, who offer the opportunity to try out different types of kayaks, and to the Wilmington Trail Club who offer training by certified instructors.

Group activities include:

Full Moon Paddles, Thursday Night Paddles, Car Cruise-n-Paddles, ‘Overnighters’ and an informal end of season ‘Admiral's Ball’ or similar get-togethers.

For more information contact Dave Ferguson or Frank Keenan