Neryc race committee      


The Spring and Fall Series are scheduled for 4 races each. Please see Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines above. See Sailing Instructions link above.

The Summer Evening Series are each. Please see Covid-19 r estrictions and guidelines above. See Sailing Instructions link above.

At the discretion of the race committee, the race may be delayed to await favorable winds. 

At the discretion of the race chair, visiting yachtsman may enter any NERYC race. Visitors scores will not count toward any NERYC Perpetual trophies or Awards.


The race fee is due before the start of a race. Fees may be paid for each race, or for an entire series on a discounted basis. Fees include a keg happy hour after the races and annual trophies and awards. See Race Fee Schedule


In accordance with ISAF R.R.S Appendix A -The Low Point scoring system is used for the Spring, Fall and Summer Series.

A skipper serving as Race Committee shall receive points for his or her service equal to the average of his or her best three races of the series, provided that his or her class is racing. He or she shall only committee one time for the purpose of point retention in a series. 
Race committee points will be calculated at the end of each series.  

Ties will be broken in accordance with ISAF R.R.S
A8. A race can be postponed or cancelled due to unsuitable weather, at the discretion of the Sail Race Committee.

If a series consists of four completed races, the series score will be determined by adding each boat’s three best scores. The winner will be the boat with the lowest total score. A boat must complete at least three races to qualify for a series title.  Any boat which is disqualified from a race may not use that race as a “discard” race, regardless of how many races are completed in that series.

The season championship title for each fleet is determined by adding each boats final standing in the Spring and Fall Series. By default boats must compete in the same fleet for both Spring and Fall and race 3 races in each Series to qualify for season championship titles. A tie would be broken as per R.R.S rule A8

Will be announced as soon as possible after the race and will also be published on the NERYC website.All trophies will be awarded at the annual Sail Awards Banquet in November

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