NERYC summer camp program staff are certified by US Sailing


Learning, Safety and Fun

Selected for their sailing ability, enthusiasm and leadership qualities, our team of experienced instructors are eager to share their expertise and passion for the sport. Many have grown up sailing at NERYC and some have gone on to college sailing and national competition. They are tasked to provide lesson plans, drills and activities that are safe, stimulating and fun. 

All staff are require the following minimum certifications:
US Sailing Small Boat Level One
Maryland Safe Boating certification (NASBLA) or equivalent
First Aid and CPR
Child safety and criminal background clearance in accordance with MD Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene (COMAR) requirements.

Staff Training

All staff attend in-house training where they are familiarized with our program, facilities and equipment. They are briefed on safety, compliance with MD State Code of Regulations (COMAR), our program rules, requirements and expectations, lesson planning etc.

Understanding US Sailing Training Certifications

US Sailing is the national body for the sport. Certification by US Sailing ensure that instructors not only have the appropriate experience, but also that they have adequate training and follow national guidelines and standards for sailing education programs.

The US Sailing Small Boat Sailing Level 1 Instructor Course, is designed to provide sailing instructors with information on how to teach more safely, effectively, and creatively. The goal of the program is to produce highly qualified instructors. Topics covered in the course include: classroom and on-the-water teaching techniques, risk management, safety issues, lesson planning, creative activities, ethical concerns, and sports physiology and psychology. The video clip below gives a great insight into the course requirements and benefits of the certification system.