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“Sail camp was totally fun. I had never sailed before and enjoyed it so much I signed up for another session. See you all next year” Age 15

“I can’t wait until next year. Sailing camp is awesome.  Miss Shannon and Miss Taylor were the best instructors. We had such fun and games out on the water every day.”Age 9

“Sailing is an amazing sport with endless opportunities and is definitely something more kids should start getting involved in. Not only is tons of fun, but it allows kids to meet new people and experience awesome new adventures. I can't think of a better way to spend a summer day than out on the water, soaking up the sun and hanging out with friends. NERYC provides a great opportunity for kids to do just this. I am so lucky to have grown up sailing there.”
Age 18

“I was proud that I learned to sail an Opti on my own, and I loved sailing across the river to the beach on the other side. It was fun when it got wavy and our boat was rocked around. The capsize drills were such great fun!” Age 8

“The counselors & instructors were so helpful and knowledgeable. They taught me a lot of sailing and racing tactics, and it was great to learn how to rig Optis, Sunfish, and Lasers. Now when we go to the sailing club, I can get out on the water on my own, and take my friends sailing. The summer program has something for everyone: racing for experienced sailors; younger sailors learned how to solo; new sailors got partnered with experienced ones, who could help them. I’m really looking forward to going back for several weeks next year, and I’m recommending it to all of my sailing friends." Age 13

“Sail camp at NERYC was so much fun and the best part of my summer!” Age 10

"I am so glad I had the chance to learn about sailing at the NERYC summer program. I am now completely hooked. This is my sport!" Age 11

"Sail camp rocks!” Age 11

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What parents say about the program

All of the sailing programs at NERYC are fantastic. our granddaughter who took I think attended 5 years of sailing instructions over the summer, is now a Freshman at Washington College, Chestertown, MD. She sails there for fun, of course, once they learned she had taken your courses, they’ve asked her to help them teach kids to sail. NERYC kids go places. Sailing teaches so many skills that young people need and it stays with them.

I just wanted to commend you all on a wonderful Learn to Sail program.  My two kids participated in the August 1 and August 8th session -- they had a great time and learned a ton.  

From the registration process, the organization and communication before and during camp, the depth of the kids' learning and hands-on experience, the quality of the programming, the paper plate awards at the end :) -- it was ALL was top-notch, and created an invaluable experience for us as a family.  

The counsellors deserve special mention -- a big shout out to Meghan and Savannah.  The kids said they acted like they love what they do, that they were cool, and made it fun.  Beyond that, they were super friendly and informative to us as parents (letting us know how the kids were doing, sending photos to me).   

It must be a ton of work to run these programs, and even harder to do it as well as you do.  Please know that your hard work is much appreciated.  The program is well worth the time, effort, and investment, and the kids are already talking about coming back next year. 

A big thank you to the Club and everyone on the team!  

Warm regards.

Elizabeth R.   2016 (Sailors Aged 8 and 10)


"This camp is a wonderful place for kids to learn a skill and confidence. My daughter loves going to camp and looks forward to the camaraderie. It is incredible to listen to her at days end talk about all of the sailing techniques and knot tying that she did that day." (Sailor Aged 12)

"Our daughters have been active and enthusiastic participants in the Junior program for the past three summers, and have benefited enormously from their experiences. They've learned to sail, become avid racers, and made lasting friendships. Our older daughter has had enriching opportunities as a Counselor-in-Training, teaching other children how to sail and developing leadership skills that she will use throughout her life." (Aged 14 &10)

"The boys have completely loved being a part of your program. Thank you, we appreciate the opportunity and special memories. It is remarkable what they have learned!"
(Sailors Aged 6 & 8)

"I have an eight year old daughter who participated in the Junior Sailing Program last year.  I was thoroughly impressed by what I saw. It was not necessarily the instructors who impressed me, although they were all very excellent. Rather, it is the operation and organization of the program itself that is impressive. I expected the sailing camp to "look" like a program run by volunteers. Therefore, I was completely surprised to find the sailing camp to be a thoroughly refined and professional program. From my observations, the Club's sailing camp is on par with any of the nonprofit or for profit camps in the region."

"We have had two of our grandchildren participate in the sailing camp during the last 5 years and both of them look forward to coming back each summer. They have thoroughly enjoyed it.   It is a professionally run camp and the kids come away with great confidence in being able to pilot their own boat." (Sailors Aged 9 & 14)

"What a wonderful find this program has been. My 10 year old, who had never been on a boat before, absolutely loved it. The venue is perfect, the staff are amazing and the program is well managed. Above all the kids have a wonderful time. We will definitely be back again next year."

"My youngsters have been a part of the program since its inception and have grown up sailing at the club. Sailing provides such a unique platform for imparting so many valuable life lessons and skills: teamwork, sportsmanship, appreciation of the environment, respect for others, confidence-building, camaraderie and a sense of achievement as they master the concepts and skills. Above all they have a great time doing it. I cannot recommend the sport or the program at NERYC enough."

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