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About NERYC's High School Sailing Program 

High School sailing closely parallels the collegiate sailing format and competition is governed by the Interscholastic Sailing Assoc (ISSA). NERYC is part of of the Mid-Atlantic Sailing Assoc (MASSA) District, specifically, the Maryland Central League (MDISA) which covers the Chesapeake Bay area.

Scholastic Sailing is fun and challenging. To participate, sailors must be in 8th-12th grade.. Students must also be proficient sailors, they must have to desire to race, they must be dedicated, and have the support of their parents regarding travel. They will also likely need to purchase some additional sailing gear – see gear guide. Practice usually takes place on Friday afternoons and/or on Saturdays or Sundays. NERYC practices on their own fleet of 420's at the club. Regattas take place on Saturdays and/ or Sundays and will require travel. See the Schedule for exact dates.

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Any high school who can put together at least four sailors will be able to sail for their school's team. If your school does not have a team, you can still participate. Since most high schools in our local region are unable to combine at least four sailors we will combine students to make up teams who are then eligible to compete at the JV level.

Teams will travel to regattas hosted by clubs around the Bay area JV team events typically last one day. Fleets of identical boats are provided at each location, usually 420's or FJ's, which are both double-handed sailing dinghies.

Types of Competition:


Fleet Racing

For fleet racing, teams are divided into A and B divisions comprised of different skippers and crews for each division. Teams may substitute sailors as long as prescribed substitution rules are followed. Short courses are used, typically windward-leeward with a gate. Course completion times average 18 minutes. Except in rare cases, only 1 fleet is on the water at a time. Two races are completed and then divisions switch, and the boat being sailed by each team is rotated. This allows for coaching and a break. Boat rotation eliminates the possibility of any team having an advantage because of an inherently faster boat.

Team Racing

 In Team Racing events, each team fields three boats to sail against three boats from another team. Teammates work together to out-maneuver the other team so that their combined race scores are better than the other team's combined scores.

For more information, or to see if your high school is interested in establishing a team, or introducing sailing and training at NERYC, contact the Program Director.



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During the beginning of the Fall season sailors will need coast guard approved life jackets, refillable water bottles, closed shoes (dinghy boots recommended), appropriate water oriented clothing, and a watch with count-down timer. As the season moves along you’ll need to add warm base layers and we recommend purchasing spray gear (a dinghy smock is the most versatile), bib pants or salopette, as well as a wet suit or a dry suit. A wet suit or dry suit are not imperative for the Fall high school sailing season but will be absolutely necessary in order to participate in the Spring. US Sailing recommends requiring wet or dry suits when the combined water and air temps fall below 120 degrees, which is most likely in the late Fall (Nov) and early Spring (March). Generally speaking  race organizers will most definitely require it when the combined temps reach 100 degrees and below. This is all about safety not just comfort.

Check out APS Ltd’s gear guides at They have a great reference page specifically for High School/College sailors detailing and demonstrating gear guide recommendations for warm and cold weather sailing.

See stores and discounts available below. Also be sure to check the store's sale racks/clearance/sales sections as well. You may be lucky enough to find a what you want at a bargain price.

You can also check the manufacturers sites directly to price compare and also check if they have any promotions or sales for example Gill NA

Note: Our team is registered with ISSA as the North East High School combined team, not NERYC (clubs cannot actually register a team)

Stores and Discounts

APS Ltd (Annapolis MD)

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Landfall Navigation (Based in RI)

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They also offer discounted High School/College sailor starter packages see details

Sailing Pro Shop (based in CA)

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Other Promos

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Mauri Pro Sailing (based TX)

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Free shipping code: SHUS13

Team One Newport (based Newport, RI)

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