Small Boat Sailing

Members may trailer personal boats to the club for use on weekends. The club has a beach ramp capable of launching small boats on dollies. Limited rack storage small boats is available for seasonal fee. Trailers may not be stored in the club parking lot.

Club Fleet

The primary use of the club-owned small boat fleet is to support the junior sailing program, summer camp program, club junior events and travel team racers. Adult and junior club members may apply to use boats on request provided they meet all pre-requisites and have been granted authorization.  

Pre-requisites For Use

  • Users must be club members
  • Users require an evaluation of sailing competency
  • Users must be able to demonstrate knowledge how to properly rig the boat and have a basic level of boat handling proficiency
  • Juniors require parent supervision
  • Users assume all responsibility for loss or damage
  • Users and crew must wear lifejackets (there is no formal patrol or rescue on the NE River)
  • User assumes responsibility for returning and correctly stowing all equipment

Private instruction by certified instructors can be arranged on request

Since approval requires an application and evaluation, it is recommended that you complete this process at the beginning of the season, or well in advance of anticipated use.

To obtain authorization, please contact the Junior Sail Camp Program Director

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